Uprisal Bang — Patagonia


Central Saint Martin
Unit 5


Design an audio output device that will be used to launch a new portfolio of products offered by Patagonia. The device will play audio wirelessly, and incorporate an appropriate user interface to augment this functionality. The emphasise lays on the interrelationship between product design, design language, and brand.

a speaker that lives in your pocket — and anywhere else

When looking at classic Patagonia pieces there are two things that strike; first, the asymmetric breast pocket and the horizontal seam in about the hight of the golden ration.


Aluminium is the most efficient recyclable around. Recycling is 20 times more efficient than making something out of virgin aluminium. Left in a forest, park or on the beach this precious material, however, threatens wildlife and spoils public spaces for others.

Aluminium also references climbing gear such as carabiners and pitons and the history of Patagonia. The speaker becomes a tool, too.

How can a speaker be produced mainly using recycled materials and how could it even create a story for the brand. Can it be produced locally as a park, beach or city clean up and raise awareness about recycling.

Small enough to fit into a breast pocket it allows the user to almost subconsciously control it.

The guy-rope-adjuster inspired control makes a reference to classic outdoor clothing and gear.

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