Naked Goodness


Central Saint Martins
Unit 7.2

brief: design an innovative ‘ready to cook’ meal experience and its packaging that takes into account changing consumer attitudes toward meat consumption, food preparation and disposable packaging.

Client: ABP Beef Processors


hey heston, I can do the same with a kettle

How much time and effort do you want to put into your lunch when you only have one hour in total?
- Right, not more than 15 min.

The microwave, discredited as the unhealthy, unnutritious heat up device of the '90s leaves us with the kettle. Let’s create a healthy tasteful meal within 10 min using hot water.

getting it right - prototyping in the kitchen 

I swapped the jigsaw, router and lathe with a kettle, vacuum sealer and frying pan. To explore how a high level of taste can be achieved using mainly a kettle. One of the main challenges was getting different cooking temperatures and times together and create a meal within 10 min.

Depending on the food, creating a gourmet meal experience is as simple as boiling a kettle, letting the water settle for a minute, submerging the goodness in the hot water and letting it sous vide for 10 minutes. Open the bag and serve.
To sear and serve; heat up a frying pan, open the bag, sear the meat for 30 sec each side and serve.

sell food not serving suggestions, transparent and honest in every sense,  like a piece of art

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